понедельник, 5 сентября 2016 г.

New Facebook group

Hey guys!

Presenting my new and constantly refreshed Facebook group I'm inviting all to join, to keep contacts for future, and of course I'm always available to paint some stuff for you There you can see many miniatures I've made, and follow new Battletech related projects. Please participate in my comunity, would be awesome to meet you there:D




воскресенье, 4 сентября 2016 г.

Fresh update

Good hobby day to all who follows my work here:)

Putting up the latest chosen pictures of commission I've done, I'm really pleased with results and how the detail shows at close up views. Again, pictures are made on the amazing terrain boards, which really show the scale and realism.

Feel free to white me an email or a PM on Facebook, if you're interested in painting your figures for good value and quality. I'm considering to create a seperate group on Facebook as a step up from blogging it here, and move all information to the new group.

Enjoy and wish you inspiration!

четверг, 3 декабря 2015 г.

суббота, 5 сентября 2015 г.

First maps finally DONE!

Hey! For those, who follow me on this project, I have good updates:

I've almost finished first two pilot map sheets - TERRESTRIAL GREEN WORLD and a DESERT CANNYON

Updating with A4 size counters I did so far:

Some minor changes will take place, but the overall look is pleasing me, and that was the most difficult part:) As the project develops, I'll continue adding features (such as trees/roads/elevations token packs, buildings and objectives), my plans for new terrain types - winter/ sub-zero tundra, jungle, moon-like landscape, and more, as I collect ideas.

I develop my graphics all the time, and I'm open for advice;) You can view the progress from start on BT forum thread here http://bg.battletech.com/forums/terrain/terrain-hex-pack-in-progress-download-archive-added/150/
 And you can see, that I've done a lot so far..

 Now it's time to increase the sheet quantity up to 4 (modular) maps per terrain set, make hex packs and prepare the distribution. I'm determined to reach the best quality results from technology, and print a eye pleasing product.

 I purely rely on crowdfunding, will announce my view on the process a when the first product appears from sketches.
 Let me know what you think, guys, I know there's still a big interest in cool looking map sheets:)


вторник, 4 августа 2015 г.

среда, 22 июля 2015 г.

Riders of the Apocalypse and some more current work

Hey! I proudly present my last completed work - 4 Atlases as avatars of Apocalypse Riders! That took time to think and paint ;)

Finished Yeng-lo-Wang

And a few more -a Davion Raven mech in standard worn green camo, and freshly primed mechs