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Hello everybody!

Welcome to my hobby group, here you can follow me as I work and learn, diving into this wonderfull world of paints, brushes and metal/plastic figures.

I do pro miniature painting services worldwide, working with Battletech miniatures most of the time.
Please consider my offer, when looking for good quality. I'm reasonable, and maintain clear relationship with customers.

Please PM me for prices and shipping, that's individual :)

My work includes all prep work you could imagine, but would need additional time investment:
1. Assembling, cleaning the mold lines, filling gaps, basing, reposing, modifying, repairing imperfections and pinning, and so forth. All that work that comes along with pewter minis.
2. Priming with quality enamel spray primer.
3. Painting (I use Vallejo Model Color paints, washes and primers)
4. Basing
6. Shipping out to you safely wrapped via Global Express, priority mail etc..
Thank you all for interest!

modding example

The standart price for my service is 35$ per miniature + shipping. I pay the shipping in case I get an order for at least 4 minis and more. Also, I drop the price with the miniature count
Thank you all for interest and subscribing! Please follow my blog for more news, projects and pictures of my artwork. You can watch my thread on LotB here and see my feedback

So, moving to miniatures I have painted in several years. Please, don't judge the photo quality, sometimes I had to make just quick shots, and had no time to make better before the minis went to their owners. I promise to make better pictures with further works:)

Check other posts for more pictures and updates. I will keep the Introduction post always on top.
Please, enjoy!

If you like what you see and want to hire me to paint a nice battle camo on your miniatures, please feel free to write me at whitarmusic@gmail.com

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