четверг, 23 января 2014 г.

Recent order

Got a big painting order today, it will be a challenge to assemble, some minis I see for the first time)
Will keep posting the building stages here


I never had complains about miniature quality, and no rants because of hard assembly.. but sometimes I'm in rage. Yeah, I know I must pin every joint, and cut a ton of mold lines, just cant's stand it if there's too much. Those newer 5-6 part mechs are very difficult to build, and why the heck some are so huge and heavy? Have you seen a Kraken lately? You could kiil, throwing it in someones forehead. New Warhammer, Marauder IIC, Onager...why?
Joints..is it hard to make a little sticking rod everywhere where is a connection? And what's with those round sockets? There's no way the arm or leg would hold in place without a pin. I don't want to mention awkward poses here. Another question are the TINI parts on protomechs, those small gun barrels, arms, wings and stuff. PAIN! 
That's why I collect only older models, 3025-50 era, miniatures look nicer, are smaller, have 1-3 main parts, and mostly good poses. 

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