пятница, 10 апреля 2015 г.

Hex terrain project update

Finaly I continue my work on the project, that can be found on previous pages.

In short, this is the new graphic style I developed for hex tile layouts, the hex size is 33 mm in diameter, representing terrain in 1:1200 scale, using Classic Battletech board game mechanics.  I will experiment with hex borders and markings, too, so my project will be compatible with other wargames.

Fist part of the project is to draw 2-4 maps in following style, green world

Thousands of terrestrial worlds, with friendly atmosphere, vast greenery and water, have the best planet conditions for humans in 31st century. Warmed up by proximity of sun-like star, the planet climate is terraformed by first colonists in the beginning of human expansion over the galaxy, turning hostile enviroments into pleasant home for generations. As technology being lost in devastating war conflicts, these worlds maintain themselves mostly by photosynthetic process. The plant and wild life differs, sometimes introducing Earth-like, hybrid or other unbelieavable local species. 
Depending on the distance to the star, the weather can change drasticaly. 
Dry and deserted worlds are settled nevertheless, as early colonists didn't have much choice. So are other planets, with horrible conditions - frozen worlds with methane lakes or extreme hot worlds with constant volcano activity - all are known to man of the Inner Sphere, and will be a represented in my future projects     

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