суббота, 5 сентября 2015 г.

First maps finally DONE!

Hey! For those, who follow me on this project, I have good updates:

I've almost finished first two pilot map sheets - TERRESTRIAL GREEN WORLD and a DESERT CANNYON

Updating with A4 size counters I did so far:

Some minor changes will take place, but the overall look is pleasing me, and that was the most difficult part:) As the project develops, I'll continue adding features (such as trees/roads/elevations token packs, buildings and objectives), my plans for new terrain types - winter/ sub-zero tundra, jungle, moon-like landscape, and more, as I collect ideas.

I develop my graphics all the time, and I'm open for advice;) You can view the progress from start on BT forum thread here http://bg.battletech.com/forums/terrain/terrain-hex-pack-in-progress-download-archive-added/150/
 And you can see, that I've done a lot so far..

 Now it's time to increase the sheet quantity up to 4 (modular) maps per terrain set, make hex packs and prepare the distribution. I'm determined to reach the best quality results from technology, and print a eye pleasing product.

 I purely rely on crowdfunding, will announce my view on the process a when the first product appears from sketches.
 Let me know what you think, guys, I know there's still a big interest in cool looking map sheets:)


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